Ipitar (2018) – Marathi Movie

Ipitar Marathi Movie
  • Movie : Ipitar (2018) | इपितर
  • Produced By : Nitin Kalhapure and Kiran Berad
  • Directed By : Datta Tarde
  • Production Copmany: Venkatesh Entertainment
    • Cast (Actor & Actress) :
    • Milind Shinde
    • Bharat Ganeshpure
    • Prakash Dhotre
    • Jayesh Chavan
    • Vijay Gite
    • Ganesh Khade
    • Nikita Sukhdev
    • Suhas Dudhade
    • Vrunda Bal
  • Written By :Kiran Berad
  • Lyricist :Shantaram Khamkar, Prashant Madpuwar, Kiran Berad and Sachin Pandit
  • Sound Designing :Parvi Entertainment Media
  • Cinematography (DOP) BY :Kumar Dongare
  • Editing By :Vijay Shinde
  • Art Director :Ashok Bhongal
  • Production Manager :Ashok Bhongal and Gaurav Tanpure
  • Publicity Design :Rajesh Ghadigaonkar
  • Genre :Drama
Synopsis :

A hilarious tale of three mischievous college students who are expected to always run into trouble by the villagers and underestimated by their parents. But, what happens when their mischief results in them being chased by the police, local goons, and villagers?

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