Lathe Joshi (2018) – Marathi Movie

Lathe Joshi Marathi Movie
  • Movie : Lathe Joshi (2018) | लेथ जोशी
  • Produced By : Sonali Joshi and Mangesh Joshi
  • Directed By : Mangesh Joshi
  • Production Copmany: Pravah Nirmitee Production and Dawn Studios
    • Cast (Actor & Actress) :
    • Chittaranjan Giri as Lathe Joshi
    • Ashwini Giri as Wife
    • Seva Chauhan as Mother
    • Om Bhutkar as Son
  • Written By :Mangesh Joshi
  • Sound Designing :Piyush Shah
  • Background Score :Sarang Kulkarni
  • Cinematography (DOP) BY :Satyajeet Shobha Shriram
  • Editing By :Makrand Dambhare
  • Art Director :Prashant Bidkar
  • Costume Designer:Seema Arolkar
  • Associate Director :Narendra Bhide, Nitin Vaidya and Leela Talkies
  • Publicity Design :Milind Matkar
  • Genre :Drama
Synopsis :

Machines making workers obsolete may still look like a futuristic concept, but comes true in Joshi’s life. Joshi, known as Lathe Joshi for his skilled work on lathe machine, is left jobless when the owner of the workshop has to close the business as it is incurring the loss. Lathe Joshi finds losing lathe work as losing his identity & refuses to give in to the changing times of globalization in the form of automation. But he comes to face it, even in his home, with his wife doing a catering business, his son running an electronic repair shop in the house & even with his mother, who resolves to chant 500,000 times using a chant machine. The numbers become significant over the skills. Joshi finds himself as a mere witness of the coming time when a skilled worker might become a museum exhibit.

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