Pipsi Marathi Movie

Pipsi Marathi Movie
  • Movie : Pipsi (2018) | पिप्सी
  • Produced By : Vidhi Kasliwal
  • Directed By : Rohan Deshpande
  • Production Copmany: Landmarc Films
    • Cast (Actor & Actress) :
    • Maithili Patwardhan
    • Sahil Joshi
    • Ajay Jadhav
    • Atul Mahale
    • Abhilasha Patil
    • Pooja Nayak
  • Written By :Saurabh Bhave
  • Lyricist :Omkar Kulkarni
  • Sound Designing :Anita Kushwaha
  • Cinematography (DOP) BY :Late Aviram Mishra
  • Editing By :Mayur Hardas
  • Art Director :Madhukar Kamble
  • Costume Designer:Sayli Soman
  • Publicity Design :Chaitanya Sant (Mantra SDS)
  • Genre :Drama
Synopsis :

In the backdrop of one of India’s biggest environmental hazards that is quickly turning once fertile farmlands into arid wasteland, where suicide is evolving into a widely accepted cultural norm, as debt ridden and famine stricken farmers routinely kill themselves, two eight-year-old children try to make sense of life, death and disease as they try to save their precious fish. When a deconstruction of an article of faith coincides with yet another suicide in the village, Chaani and Balu are left trying to sift logic out of belief, fact out of fable.

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